May 2016

D3.7, D4.7 and D7.7 have been finalized

Three new deliverables have been finished by the EmerGent consortium and can be reviewed under the Publications section of our website.

Deliverable 3.7 is the result of the Tasks 3.5 “Analysis of potentials of citizens’ involvement in the EMC” and 3.7 “Analysis of potentials using social media for Emergency Services in the EMC”. The Deliverable is a public document and is available for download.

Based on the user requirements presented in D3.4, the aim of Deliverable 4.7 is to develop a flexible visualisation and filtering concept that can be applied to the three aspects of visualisation and filtering in EmerGent (visualisation framework for researchers, ES interface, Citizens app) as well as social media data visualisation and filtering for emergencies in general.

Deliverable 7.7 provides a description of the European Data Protection and Privacy laws relevant to the EmerGent Project.

D2.6 Workshops I and II

This deliverable describes the activities and results of the two EAB workshops and how they have been integrated into the project.