D2.6 Workshops I and II


Tony O’Brien, Alexis Gizikis, Bert Brugghemans, Thomas Spielhofer, Matthias Moi, Therese Friberg


The EmerGent End user Advisory Board (EAB) is the vehicle for involving domain experts in the project work, in order to provide input and validate the project outcomes. The EAB was established at the beginning of the project, with experts from different Emergency Services (ES) and with different attitudes and levels of experience in using social media in emergencies. The EAB is involved together with the consortium in several activities during the course of the project, such as surveys, webinars, workshops, studies etc. All activities intend to enrich the research outcomes of EmerGent, extend and validate its deliverables and achieve a wider and independent representation of end users. The experience of the collaboration of the EAB with the consortium has been rewarding and invaluable to the project. This deliverable describes this collaboration and its results.

Purpose of the Document

The purpose of this deliverable is to describe the activities of the EmerGent consortium to

  1. establish the EAB
  2. organise and plan the regular collaboration of the EAB with the consortium
  3. report the results of all EAB activities

Additionally, this deliverable contributes to the high-level objectives of EmerGent as described in the Description of Work:

O1 Analyse the impact of social media for citizens and for ES in the whole EMC today and tomorrow.

The impact of social media for the different stakeholders is the high-level focus of all activities of the EAB, covered during the 1st and the 2nd EAB workshop.

O3  Identify requirements, to implement, and to evaluate methods and tools for novel emergency management in social media generation.

The main focus of the 1st EAB workshop was to identify, discover and gather requirements of the EmerGent system, documented in detail in D3.4 User requirements. After the 1st workshop, the EAB engaged in an activity to prioritise the EmerGent requirements. The 2nd EAB workshop included activities to refine and extend the requirements previously gathered.