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 Athena – Empowering Citizens, Protecting Communities



The Athena Project is an innovative EU funded project pioneering smarter communications for critical incidents. It aims to develop technical applications or “apps” for smart phones and mobile digital media devices, which will capture real-time information from the public during crisis situations.

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Twitter: @project_athena

COSMIC – COntribution of Social Media in Crisis management


The COntribution of Social Media in Crisis management (COSMIC) project will identify the most effective ways to utilise new information and communication technologies in crisis situations for the protection of ordinary citizens. The project will result in a set of guidelines for citizens, government authorities, first responders and industry for the most effective use of ICTs to aid citizen security during crises.

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 iSAR+ – “Online and Mobile Communications for Crisis Response and Search and Rescue”


iSAR+ is a research and development project aiming to define the guidelines that, in crisis situations, enable citizens using new online and mobile technologies to actively participate in response efforts, through the provision, dissemination, sharing and retrieval of information for the critical intervention of Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR) organisations.
The iSAR+ Project main results are:

  • iSAR+ Guidelines – recommendations for citizens and PPDRs for an effective and
    efficient use of social media and mobile technology in crisis situations.
  • iSAR+ Technological Platform – platform integrating ICT tools, including mobile and
    social media applications, that provide added-value services for citizens and PPDRs in
    crisis situations. Based on the citizens’ and PPDRs’ recommendations, the platform is a
    validation tool for the iSAR+ Guidelines.

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 Slándáil – Empowering Emergency Response Systems Using Social Media





The aim of Project Slándáil is to design and develop an intelligent information gathering and processing system which provides information about public distress to emergency services. The project will use information from different social media channels – text, visual and audio – to help provide warnings about major impending disasters, both natural and man-made, and the following efforts to recover from them.

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Twitter: @slandailfp7

SOTERIA – On-line and Mobile Communications for Emergencies


The SOTERIA Project (On-line and Mobile Communications for Emergencies) will research the impact of social media in emergencies and develop the SOTERIA Prototype, comprising the:

  • SOTERIA Recommendations, to provide guidelines and courses of action for PSOs and citizens in order to create an effective and efficient use of social media in emergencies, that understands its impact, preventing and/or mitigating hurdles and maximising related added values.
  • SOTERIA Toolbox, integrating emergency-related ICT tools and functionality (e.g., social media tools and mobile applications) that offer additional (bi-directional) communication channels between PSOs and citizens and enhance high-quality situational awareness for PSOs and citizens in emergencies

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Twitter: @SoteriaEU

 SUPER – Social sensors for security assessments and proactive emergencies management

SUPER-Logo-WhiteSUPER is an interdisciplinary security-focused European research project which explores optimal ways for understanding the impact of social media in emergencies, along with ways for exploiting and integrating social media platforms within security and emergency management systems. The aim of the project is to introduce a holistic, integrated and privacy-friendly approach to the use of social media in emergencies and security incidents.

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