D4.7 Concept for enhanced Data Visualisation and Filtering


Robin Marterer, Maximilian Kiehl, Christian Reuter, Thomas Ludwig, Andrew Muddiman, Massimo Cristaldi, Federico Sangiorgio


This Deliverable describes the EmerGent “Concept for enhanced Data Visualisation and Filtering”, which produces the visualisation for the Information Gathering, Information Mining and Information Quality components. It complements these building blocks by techniques, which can be applied to software components for three stakeholder groups, i.e. emergency services, citizens and researchers. The visualisation techniques have been extracted from a State of the Art survey and have been aligned with the EmerGent requirements afterwards. The visualisation and filtering concept describes several layers with defined aggregation levels, which relate to the stakeholder groups. Researchers need a broad overview and insight into the data, while emergency services need more aggregated data and citizens need only high-level information without deeper insights. Finally, the application of the concept is described based on the concrete EmerGent software tools, i.e. ES-Interface, Citizen-App and visualisation framework for researchers.

Purpose of the Document

This Deliverable mainly contributes to Objective O3 of EmerGent – Novel Emergency Management.

Based on the user requirements presented in D3.4, the aim of this document is to develop a flexible visualisation and filtering concept that can be applied to the three aspects of visualisation and filtering in EmerGent (visualisation framework for researchers, ES interface, Citizens app) as well as social media data visualisation and filtering for emergencies in general.

In accordance with the DOW the concept will be able to visualise and filter an incident “in such a way that it can be readily understood, corrected, enhanced and communicated” (DOW) and to discriminate between new and repeating information. The concept will also especially support the visualisation and filtering of IQ ratings.