D3.7 Potentials of Social Media Usage by EMS and citizens’ involvement in the EMC enabled by EmerGent


Christian Reuter, Christoph Amelunxen


Social media might be of value for emergency services (Reuter et al., 2016) (see D3.6), if emergency services have proper tools to deal with them (Reuter et al., 2015) (see D3.1). The following document is the result of two tasks, i.e. task T3.5: “Analysis of potentials of citizens’ involvement in the EMC” (participating partners are USI, WNRI and TIHR) and T3.6: “Analysis of potentials using social media for Emergency Services in the EMC” (participating partners are FDDO, USI, TIHR, UPB, FEU, CNBOP and EENA). This deliverable aims to evaluate the first prototype of the EmerGent emergency service interface for social media access with emergency services.

Purpose of the Document

The document aims to explore the potentials of the social media interface for emergency services. It therefore presents emergency services views on it, including highlight functionality, first impression and possible extensions.