D3.2 Guidelines for Social Media integration into existing EMS systems


Christian Reuter, Therese Friberg, Matthias Moi, Gasper Bizjak, Dieter Nuessler, Federico Sangiorgio, Federica Toscano, Alexis Gizikis


In this task a technical analysis of EMS systems and processes will be performed, with the aim of understanding how to integrate Social Media gathered information into existing tools of EMS in detail and how to disseminate information back to the public. Furthermore existing information flows will be taken into account to guarantee a fluently integration into the processes and to understand the on-going useful procedures.

Purpose of the Document

This document is included in the overall work plan of the EmerGent project. Thus its objective is to contribute to the overall EmerGent objectives.

The aim of the document is as follows:

  • Technical analysis of EMS tools, interfaces and exchanges in order to detect the technical impact of Social Media on existing software solutions.
  • Analyse technical possibilities for existing EMS tools facing new Social Media challenges in order to develop guidelines for new processes, roles and responsibilities within tools of EMS.
  • Generation of process models to identify valuable and meaningful information flows for the integration of Social Media data.

In the course of the EmerGent project the flow of information between the different actors, namely Citizens and Authorities, within the Emergency Management Cycle (EMC) is seen as the predominant subset of an effective workflow. Thus the focus of the current deliverable is on the current status, future potential and available tools for the integration of Social Media into the information flow.