D5.4 Information Gathering and Expected Interfaces


Deborah Markham, Mike Hewlett, Andrew Muddiman, Federico Sangiorgio, Massimo Cristaldi


The first step in providing useful information from social media to emergency services is being able to gather the data from a variety of social media sites. In this deliverable we provide an overview of Emergent’s Information Gathering subsytem, which is responsible for gathering social media data from multiple social media sites and storing it in the raw database for further processing by other components.  Additionally, we describe the deployment environment for Information Gathering, and the tests that have been carried out to evaluate its current performance. We conclude that we are able to successfully gather data from multiple social media sites, and store this data for other components to access for processing and analysis tasks. Furthermore, we provide some suggestions for future versions of the data gathering and storage process.

Purpose of the document

During this task, the EmerGent Gathering API has been deployed into a data gathering environment. This document provides an overview of the gathering and raw storage functionality, as well as a description of the tests performed to ensure that the information gathering subsystem is able to connect to the specified data sources, collect data and store it for use by other components. A few modifications are proposed that should be taken into account for future Releases.

Target Audience

This deliverable is intended for the EmerGent project partners, particularly the technical partners.