D7.3 Guidelines to Increase the Benefit of Social Media in Emergencies


Alexis Gizikis, Tony O’Brien & Iratxe Gomez Susaeta, Matthias Habdank, Annika Schubert, Christian Reuter, Marc-Andre Kaufman, Joe Cullen, Andrew Muddiman, Mattia Perruzza, Uberto Delprato


This deliverable summarises the findings and conclusions of EmerGent in the form of guidelines for end users for increasing the benefit of social media use during emergencies. It provides a list of recommendations for emergency services and citizens on how to make the most of social media use, explore and benefit from the opportunities offered and take the necessary steps to achieve a smooth and beneficial use of this medium.

Purpose of the Document

This deliverable directly contributes to the fourth objective of EmerGent, “O4: Provide officials and the public with guidelines for social media use in emergencies”, by documenting the results identified, the knowledge gathered and the conclusion drawn during the research and empirical work in EmerGent. In more detail, the purpose of this deliverable is to communicate the results of EmerGent to its stakeholders in the end user community.