D6.3 Validation of Components and of the Integrated System, Version 2


Rajendra Akerkar, Gasper Bizjak, Matthias Moi, Dieter Nuessler


This deliverable presents the results from the validation of the EmerGent system. The validation activity is the key check-point at the transition from the development and deployment phases to demonstration, and will evaluate the (i) compliance of subsystems with specifications and reference implementation standards; (ii) relationships and discrepancies between what has been implemented and user requirements. The activity involves internal technical testing to verify that the specified technical subsystems as well as integrated system are actually working as specified.

Purpose of the Document

The main purpose of the document is

  • to detail the validation phase of the EmerGent system prototype developed in work packages 4, 5, and 6;
  • to present test cases for validating the functionality of the system;
  • to carry out validation test on EmerGent system to ensure that the subsystems developed are working as specified before entering user demonstrations.