D5.3 Design of Social Apps


Thomas Ludwig, Christian Reuter, Therese Friberg, Massimo Cristaldi, Federico Sangiorgio, Federica Toscano, Andrew Muddiman, Deborah Markham


This document presents the design of social apps which will be developed in EmerGent. Based on the user requirements raised within deliverable 3.4, this document gives a description of the derived design challenges and concrete design implications as well as first proof of concepts that will be later evaluated with end users within task 6.4 to get further design suggestions.

To develop systems and technologies, which will be used by end users, it is necessary to work directly with the users and raise requirements through participatory design processes. Due to the fact that users often are non-experienced in technology design, their requirements are in general more or less abstract and very process-oriented without technology focus. This document therefore translates the user requirements raised in deliverable 3.4 into technical requirements and design implications.

The document includes:

  • A brief description of the approach used to raise user requirements (based on D3.4)
  • The design challenges derived from the user requirements
  • The concrete design implications and first suggestions for the mobile EmerGent application
  • The concrete design implications and first suggestions for the EmerGent ES application
  • The argumentation for skipping the EmerGent social network

Purpose of the Document

Based on the user requirements (D4.3), this documents aims at deriving design challenges that need to be addressed and providing concrete technical implications for the following implementation packages. The detail targets are:

  • Presentation of technical implications derived from user requirements
  • Design of the EmerGent social apps