D5.1 Identification of Social Network Providers and API Design


Thomas Ludwig, Christian Reuter


This deliverable presents the EmerGent Social Media API for continuously gathering data from
various social media services. The document provides a documentation of the functionality
and endpoints for accessing data from different social media services; this includes:

  •  a discussion about selected social media services the API focuses on
  • a discussion of potentials of related technologies and APIs
  • an overall API architecture design
  • the data structure and its representation
  • a technical functionality overview and documentation

Purpose of the Document

The API aims at establishing a technical basis infrastructure for the following technical work
packages. The detail targets are:

  • Selection of a subsection of social media services this API focuses on
  • Designing and implementing the technical API

In order to archive this purpose the following tasks have been performed:


  •  We have reviewed related approaches for gathering social media spanning data
  • We have designed the overall architecture of the API
  • We implemented and tested the API