D4.5 Information Quality Criteria and Indicators


Matthias Moi, Therese Habig, Annika Schubert, Michaela Brune, Fabian Witter, Maximilian Kiel


This document deals with the quality assessment of social media data and the development of an IQ framework to analyse social media data streams. The Information Quality Framework in Emergent is designed to support emergency services in estimating the quality of incoming social media messages by considering the nature of social media data and existing information quality frameworks from the literature. On top of this, the EmerGent IQ framework is build and evaluated by recorded real-world incidents.

Purpose of the Document

The aim of this document is as follows:

  • Identification of problems with handling information in the world wide web
  • Establishing an understanding of central terminology
  • Identification and analysis of different IQ frameworks
  • Identification of relevant IQ criteria for the quality assessment in context of social media and EmerGent
  • The IQ framework for EmerGent
  • Technical implementation of the IQ framework
  • Evaluation of the framework with recorded real-world data