D4.1 Semantic Data Model, Version 1


Matthias Moi, Rajendra Akerkar, Reynold Greenlaw, Mark Tolley, Massimo Cristaldi, Federico Sangiorgio


This document deals with the general approach of the EmerGent ontology and the software component Semantic Data Store to develop. The EmerGent ontology is needed to model and process emergency related information semantically. The document provides an overview of existing standards and frameworks for semantic data processing. Furthermore, existing information models like vocabularies, taxonomies and ontologies from different perspectives are analysed. The analysis includes domain independent models, e.g. to model people or general resources, as well as domain dependent models, e.g. to model dangers or incidents and resources. From the technical perspective this deliverable concerns software frameworks to develop the Semantic Data Store and technologies to achieve scalability in order to manage mass data gathered from Social Media.

Purpose of the Document

This deliverable contributes to objective O2 – Show the positive impact of information mining, information quality, information gathering and information routing for social media in emergencies. The main objective of this deliverable is to build the basis for the development of the ontology and the software component Semantic Data Store in order to model and store emergency related information from Social Media.