D6.1 Specification of the Overall System Architecture


Massimo Cristaldi, Federico Sangiorgio, Deborah Markham, Mike Hewlett, Matthias Moi, Thomas Ludwig, Christian Reuter, Simon Scholl


In this document the EmerGent overall architecture is designed. The design takes into account the other design-oriented deliverables previously submitted (D4.1 – focusing on the Semantic Data model, D4.6 – focusing on Processing and Analysing subsystem, D5.1 – focusing on the Gathering subsystem, D5.2 – focusing on the Routing subsystem and D5.3 – focusing on the EmerGent mobile application and ES interfaces) as well as user requirements coming from D3.4 and collected during EmerGent End-User Advisory Board (EAB) workshops.

This document aims to clarify how all EmerGent Subsystems will interact between themselves and with external actors/components (like citizens, emergency services and social media); furthermore additional components indispensable to fulfil user requirements and allow EmerGent to complete all envisaged use cases are identified and designed for the first time.

First of all, a high level design is performed to define all main components. In this way it is possible to highlight how all subsystems interact to perform all EmerGent functionalities. Afterwards all subsystems and their component are designed into details using UML; this aims to explain how internal components of each subsystem are logically bound together and which are their responsibilities within each subsystem.

The physical design will be addressed in the next version of this deliverable, after the first iteration of EmerGent implementation is completed.

 Purpose of the Document

This deliverable contributes to objectives O2 and O3: show the positive impact of information mining, information quality, information gathering, and information routing for social media in emergencies, as well as, identify requirements, to implement, and to evaluate methods and tools for novel emergency management in social media generation. This design will be the starting point of all implementation and integration activities which will enrich and complete all effort produced so far within other deliverables.