D5.5 Implementation and Verification of Information Routing and Social Apps, Version 1


Massimo Cristaldi, Federico Sangiorgio, Mike Hewlett, Deborah Markham, Andrew Muddiman


This technical document provides an overview of implementation and verification activities performed so far for what concerns the Information Routing and the applications for users (social apps for citizens, and interfaces for ES). The main components hereby analysed are the Routing Subsystem, the EmerGent Mobile APP and ES Interfaces. Those have been designed in D5.2, D5.3. D6.1.

The first topic of the document is a complete deployment scenario of the above mentioned components. The deployment diagram reflects the testing environment used during development to achieve verification activities; for all of those components not yet developed, it represents a first concept that will be taken into account during next development iterations.

The second topic of the document a report on all results obtained during tests. Basically, the verification approach adopted follows the first guidelines defined in T6.2 and it consists to verify the components in terms of functionalities and performances. As defined in T6.2, verification is the process of evaluating a system or component to determine whether the products of a given development phase satisfy the conditions imposed at the start of that phase. Verification therefore tries to answer the question: Have we built the system right?

At the end of the document we provide an overview of the next steps for the future development iterations.

Purpose of the Document

This deliverable contributes to Objective O2 and O3 of EmerGent: show the positive impact of information mining, information quality, information gathering, and information routing for social media in emergencies as well as identify requirements, to implement, and to evaluate methods and tools for novel emergency management in social media generation.

Furthermore, a successful verification of the developed subsystems is the prerequisite to start with the validation and evaluation activities (T6.2 and 6.4)