Matthias Habdank

D4.2 and D4.4 have been finalized

D4.2 provides an updated Semantic Data Model and a sophisticated ontology that models and processesses emergency related information semantically. Another update is handed in with D4.4 that provides unique information mining techniques transforming high quantity low quality data into high quality low quantity Information. For further information check the summaries provided in the Publication section of our web presence.

D3.5 has been finalized

This document gives an updated description of the “requirements engineering methodology” applied in EmerGent. The document also presents second version of user requirements for including social media in the emergency management for both ES and citizens. Further information are available in the summary of the Deliverable.

EmerGent @ VGBF annual conference on social media and gis

The “Vereinigung für Gefahrstoff- und Brandschutzforschung“ (VGBF) is an association dedicated to research dangerous material and fire prevention in Salzburg, Austria. During this year’s annual conference, the use of geographical information systems (GIS) was presented and how social media can be a potential addition to them. The resulting synergy effects were presented during the conference. The EmerGent project and latest results of the research about the utility of social media for the emergency services were also presented. In addition, the representatives of the project participated and helped to form a workshop about the use of social media for the civil hazard prevention.

D6.2 has been finalized

In this deliverable a concept is established regarding validation and verification in EmerGent. Main findings can be found in the summary listed in the Publications part of our website.

Successful EU Project Review Meeting

The EU Project Review Meeting took place on Wednesday, 16th of December 2015 in Brussels and was very successful. All results of the first 18 months were presented and evaluated. EmerGent received valuable and helpful feedback and is allowed to continue with the 2nd period.


Second Meeting of the End-User-Advisory Board (EAB)

The End-User-Advisory Board has met on the 18th November in Vienna, Austria in order to discuss the current scientific and  technical status of EmerGent.


Presentation of EmerGent at CAP workshop

The CAP implementation workshop is the most important event for organisations that worldwide make use (or plan to use) of the OASIS CAP protocol. This year event was held in Rome at the Istituto Superiore Anticendi of the Italian Fire corps. In the framework of the presentation jointly made by IES Solutions and the Civil Protection of Sicily Region, EMERGENT has been introduced as a project that, dealing with social media, delivers CAP messages in PSAP control rooms.
You may see the recording of the presentation here.

Radio interview with Therese Friberg and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Koch

Therese Friberg and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Koch gave an interview in German about our survey results and how emergency services can be supported by social media.

For further information please check:

Video of the EmerGent IT-System Architecture published

Look at our new video on the EmerGent IT-System Architecture for C2A and A2C.

Deliverables about technical components have been finalized

Deliverables 5.4 and 5.5 have been finished by the EmerGent consortium. The Topics dealt with refer to Information gathering (D5.4) and Information Routing (D5.5). You can have a closer look on the summaries in the Publications part of our website.